2020 Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association 
Awards Order Information

Unfortunately, we were not able to have our 2020 Honors Banquet this year due to Covid. The Honors Banquet has allowed us to provide awards for players and coaches who attended in the past, but without it happening this year, we are going to do something different.  Instead, we are offering schools and all honored players the opportunity to purchase their awards. As this is our first attempt at trying to pull something like this off (the main issue being distribution of the awards across the state), we realize that this process may come with a few bumps along the way. Please stay patient and we will do our best to answer questions and get these out to you in the best manner possible.

One positive to this is that each plaque will be individually printed, so names and schools will be available on the plaques. In addition, plaques can be ordered in different sizes and (see mock ups below). For those who won multiple awards and want to add a second line (basically, another line of info such as "Player of the Year", etc.) to the award so that you only have to purchase one award, that can be arranged. 

**ONE PLAYER PER FORM SUBMISSION, PLEASE. IF SCHOOLS ARE SUBMITTING MULTIPLE PLAYERS, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT A FORM FOR EACH PLAYER.** Only players with completed submission forms will receive awards. Players are not required to order anything. Award prices are on the Google form page.

Note: this is for plaques and t-shirts ONLY. All State certificates will be mailed to schools OR included with orders if the certificates arrive in time.

**The following awards will be provided (at no charge and no need to order: Assistant Coach of the Year, Team Sportsmanship, Field of the Year, Champion of the Game and Administrator of the Year.**

We will keep the order window open through January 17 at 11:59 p.m. with the intent on delivering/mailing/pick up within 3-4 weeks after the cut off date. That may vary slightly depending on the location of the schools and delivery options.

The process: (Each player honored in 2020, including all boys classes and the Boys and Girls Academic Teams, are eligible to order awards. We will check to verify that all orders are from players honored this year.)

1) Complete the Google form: 

2) Once the form has been submitted, an email invoice will be sent to each order with payment instructions. Payment must be completed or arranged prior to our ordering the awards. Please note, each order will be different as we are still trying to figure out delivery options. We won't be able to verify all orders and final costs until the deadline cutoff on January 17. 

3) After payment and order have been complete, we will then arrange for delivery. Each order will get a confirmation email with regards to how delivery will be made. Mailing directly to a home will add a higher shipping/handling charge than if we can bundle orders to schools or drive to drop them off at individual schools.

4) Again, we are in uncharted territory here, so while we hope to have everything delivered within 3-4 weeks of confirmation, it is possible for delays. We will do the best we can to get your awards delivered quickly and safely.

**Please direct all questions via email to mosoccercoach@gmail.com.**

4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 7x9 All State Plaques
Each will have which team player is honored, individual player name and school
4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 7x9 Academic Plaques
Each will have which team player is honored, individual player name and school
11x19 "State" Plaques
Each will have which team player is honored, individual player name and school. This can be done for all awards.
2020 All State Shirts in Adult sizes S,M, L, XL and XXL. (XXL add $1).