Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association
Region and All-State Team Selection Process

MSHSSCA selects Region and All-State Teams in each Class for Boys and Girls soccer to recognize outstanding High School players during the course of each season. The purpose of this document is to outline the process by which MSHSSCA selects these teams. MSHSSCA fully understands that with the quality and depth of talent across the state in high school soccer this is a difficult process. The Association does not take it lightly and is committed to doing the best job possible in the selection of the teams.  Selection of players is modeled after the United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) process that selects the All American and Regional teams. 

Region Teams
There will be four Region teams selected in each Class. Each Region will consist of the districts that constitute a quarterfinal. A Region representative will be selected for each region by MSHSSCA who will contact all coaches within the region and collect nominations for the team. A coach must be a MSHSSCA member to nominate players. Nominations will be made in writing to the Region representative with the player’s name and qualifications which can include any relevant statistics and/or a description of player quality that might not be apparent from statistics only. After collecting nominations the Regional representative, in consultation with a representative from each district in the region (Region committee) will select a 20-24 player Region team and the individual awards of Player of the Year (POY), Offensive Player of the Year (OPOY), Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY), and Goalkeeper of the Year (GKOY), as well as Private and Public School Coaches of the Year.  
1) Selection for the team is based on performance during the high school season. Performance in other areas (i.e., club, ODP, etc.) will not be considered directly in the selection of this team.
2) Player stats will be considered, but will not be the only factor in evaluating players. Strength of schedule and quality of teammates play a large role in individual player stats and will be major considerations in the selection process.  
3) Typically the best 20-24 players are selected regardless of position. This tends to result in a variation in number of individuals selected at a given position from year to year. For example a Region may have four defensive players on the team one season and ten defensive players in another season.  
4) The MSHSSCA Region teams are selected independent of teams selected by other groups (All-Conference, All-District, All-Metro, etc.). While it is hoped there will be consistency among these teams this will not always be the case. 

All-State Teams
The Region representatives will form the selection committee for the All-State Teams in each Class. The All-State teams will consist of a 1st and 2nd team of 24 players each and 12-15 honorable mention players. State POY, OPOY, DPOY, GKOY, and COY awards will also be selected in each Class. Only players on the four Region teams within a Class can be considered for the All-State team. When selecting players for the All-State teams the committee will consider the same factors that apply to the Region team selections outlined in Notes 1-4 above.
1) While quality and depth of players across regions varies from year to year within each of the Classes it is the job of the selection committees to ensure the All-State teams are populated with the best players and represent the state as a whole. MSHSAA (while not necessarily their intent) has organized schools in a manner that comes reasonably close to evenly distributing talent in each of the four Regions within Classes. Given this the All-State committees generally distribute the selections evenly across regions which means six (6) 1st Team, six (6) 2nd Team, and 3-4 Honorable Mention players from each Region on the All-State Teams. This is a starting point that can change slightly following committee deliberations and strengths of the individual region. In other words, sometimes a region may have more players than others because of the region's overall strength.
2) More often than not players that are selected for Regional individual awards make it onto the All-State team in some capacity, but this is not always the case. There are instances where multiple players in the other three regions at a given position (GK for example) are deemed to be better than the Player of the Year at that position in another region.