Hall of Fame

Fall 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees: Bottom row: Maureen McVey, Mrs. Ebbie Dunn, Mrs. Robert Horgan. Back row: Mike Villa, Dave Robben, Tim Richardson, Vince Nowak, Joe Cummings (NSCAA CEO), Rich Bahner, Terry Michler, Greg Vitello, Vince Drake
Spring 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Dan Hogan, Dick Westbrook and Ray Stahl.
Fall 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees: Bill Daues, Brad Wittenborn, Jeff Rogers and Mike Gauvain.
Spring 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees: Tim Walters and Dan Bokern.
Class of 2012
Rich Bahner
Vince Drake
Ebbie Dunn
Bob Horgan
Maureen McVey
Terry Michler
Vince Nowak
Tim Richardson
Dave Robben
Mike Villa
Greg Vitello

Class of 2013
Dan Hogan
Ray Stahl
Dick Westbrook

Bill Daues
Mike Gauvain
Jeff Rogers
Brad Wittenborn

Class of 2014
Tim Walters
Dan Bokern

Bill Taylor
Jeff Wallace

2014 inductees: Bill Taylor and Jeff Wallace.
The Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association established the Hall of Fame for coaches in the fall of 2012 with an 11-person inaugural class spanning the entire history of high school soccer in Missouri for both boys and girls. Since that fall induction, coaches have been added by the committee to the Hall of Fame each year based on the following criteria: 

Class of 2015
Eddie Horn
Mike Howard
Chris Lawson
Ben Timson

Class of 2016
Tom Knight
Joe Toigo

Class of 2017
Tom Davidson
Charlie Martel
John Mohrmann

Class of 2018
Les Hager
Chris Miller
Joe Morgan

Class of 2019
Greg Koeller
Sandy Paulsen
2015 inductees: Ben Timson, Chris Lawson, Mike Howard, Eddie Horn.
2016 inductees: Tom Knight and Joe Toigo.
2017 inductees: Tom Davidson, John Mohrmann and Charlie Martel (not pictured).
2018 inductees: Chris Miller, Joe Morgan, Les Hager.
2019 Inductees: Sandy Paulsen and Greg Koeller