Missouri Soccer Power Rankings

The Missouri Soccer Power Ranking (MSPR) uses an algorithm that is based on strength of schedule and match results to "Power Rank" high school soccer teams in Missouri. The score of the contest is not calculated in the algorithm, it is only used to determine a winner, a loser, or a tie. There is no incentive to defeat a team by the highest margin possible. This is not a poll, it is completely based on data so it is without bias or subjectivity, hence removing the human element. The purpose of this ranking system is to continue to build and promote soccer in the state of Missouri. It is also meant to start a dialogue and raise interest in high school soccer throughout the state.

How it works:
Teams are awarded points for wins. Teams are awarded ½ that amount for a tie. Points are deducted for a loss. Points are then divided by the number of games played to give each team a point total. Results from each game are pulled from a tiered table, with each class having its own separate table. Results from a win are pulled from the winning table and losses are pulled from the losing table. The tables are based on increments of 10% for each class size. For example, if team A (out of any class) defeats team B (who is a class 4 team with a 90%+ win/loss record) this would give team A the maximum possible points for a win. Another example, if team C would lose to team D (that is in class 1 with a 10% or lower win/loss record) team C would lose the maximum amount of points possible for a loss. A tie would result in ½ the points you would have received for the win. 

A team's point total is constantly changing throughout the season. Points won or lost from previous games on your schedule are always changing as previous opponents continue to move forward with their schedule. 

Head-to-head does not factor. If team A defeats team B, this doesn’t mean team A will automatically be higher in rankings than team B. MSPR is a broad view of a team’s entire season - not just one game. It is based on the entire schedule as a whole. A single game will not result in a significant change in the calculations. The best way to continue to gain points and maintain a high ranking is by winning. 

The nuts and bolts:
1) All varsity contests will be used for point totals.
2) The MSPR point table is used for all MSHSAA member schools.
3) MSHSAA members vs. an out-of-state association member: The MSPR point table will be used. The school size and win/loss record for out of state teams will be figured in calculating points. If accurate information can not be found on out-of-state teams the same calculation for non-member schools will be used.
4) MSHSAA members vs non-member school: points will be calculated using the average from the class 1 table.
5) MSHSAA members vs a junior varsity team: ½ points will be awarded for a win and double points will be deducted with a loss. These ½ points occur when a varsity team plays a JV team instead of the varsity team. 
6) How can a winless team have a positive point total? All teams begin with an average baseline of 3 points and either build or detract from there. 
7) If a match has been canceled or a forfeit occurs, this will not be calculated since a game was not played.
8) Scrimmages or jamborees are not calculated.
9) As the season progresses, the more accurate the rankings will become.

Other Info:
All coaches should continue updating MSHSAA’s website with game results as this is where data is pulled to complete MSPR. 

The official MSPR will be released on Mosoccercoach website every two weeks (possibly updated each week as the season moves toward the playoffs).

The MSPR will be reviewed at the end of each school year for possible future revision.