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'22 Boys Postseason #5 (11-3)

by Admin on 11/03/22

Vol 2. Edition 5 (11-3–22)

Wednesday action saw three Class 2 champions crowned, continued lopsided Class 1 games and some late drama in Nixa in Class 4.

Starting with the champions…the School of the Osage (5) punched its ticket into the final 8 with a wild win at host Logan-Rogersville (3) in C2D5. Osage led until the final minute of regulation before LR knotted the score and sending it into OT where 2x15 wasn’t enough. Osage wins it in penalties and gives the school its first ever district title and a likely matchup with Marshall if the Owls hold up tonight. In Mexico for the C2 D4 final, four seed Helias Catholic rolled over two seed Southern Boone 6-2 for its first playoff appearance since 2019. Helias earned another point and automatically jumps into Class 3 next year, but will enjoy the present and await Westminster Christian (1) or Orchard Farm (4) at home in quarter play. SBC is now 0-2 in finals since winning a then-best 11 in a row and the 2020 C1 title. D7 Excelsior Springs (7) had an easy night with a 5-1 win over St. Pius (KC) and another trip to the quarters. The Tigers await the winner of D7, which is still in semi play tonight.

In C4 action last night, Chaminade eliminated John Burroughs 3-1 to advance to a final against SLUH. So far all five MCC schools have stayed alive, with two guaranteed to make state play and possibly a third if Vianney can win D1. The high drama of the night in C4 was the late game in Nixa where the host school and Ozark battled into OT before a corner kick goal advanced Ozark into the final against top seed Kickapoo, 6-2 winners over Waynesville.

Class 1 has either been close games or blowouts. D2 top seeds Metro and Brentwood advanced with 2-0 wins, while in D6 overall #1 Laquey blasted Dixon 9-1 and 3 seed New Covenant upset College Heights 5-0. College Heights had won the earlier match 4-3, so this was quite the turnaround.

Thursday games are almost all finals (23), with four other semis thrown in. A lot to cover so for tonight we will provide seeding info and MPR favorites. Remember, anything within .30 is right for an “upset” based on MPR. The average number of MPR upset has been just under .30 at .25. Only three games where the MPR has favored a team over .50 and lost so far with Raytown South’s (-.99) win over Grain Valley the biggest upset of the tourney.

So far, district seeding is 132-27 (83%) and MPR is 126-33 (79%).

Class 1 - More blowouts and a few close ones? Seems to be the trend…look at D4 and D8 as the intriguing ones tonight. St. Mary’s is in its final year of soccer…can it keep going and uphold its long soccer tradition one last time?

D1 Semis
#1 Dubourg (+.12) vs. #4 Valley Park
#2 St. Mary’s vs. #3 Gateway Science (+.28)

D3 Final
#1 Duchesne vs. #2 Winfield (+.31)

D4 Final
#1 Father Tolton (+.37) vs. #2 Borgia

D5 Final
#1 Smithton (+.77) vs. #2 Stover

D7 Final
#1 Summit Christian (+.89) vs. #2 Lone Jack

D8 Final
#1 Maryville vs. #2 Lutheran (KC) (+.07)

Class 2 - Marshall has a big advantage going in, but everywhere else is likely going to be very close. D7 semis could be anyone’s and the D1 and D3 finals have some championship contenders going toe to toe.

D1 Final
#1 Affton (+.16) vs. #2 Saxony Lutheran

D2 Final
#1 Med-Bio (+.20) vs. #2 Principia

D3 Final
#1 Westminster Christian (+.26) vs. #2 Orchard Farm

D6 Final
#1 Marshall (+.82) vs. #2 Odessa

D7 Semis
#1 Harrisonville vs. #4 Oak Grove (+.15)
#2 Barstow (+.18) vs. #3 Center

Class 3 - All 8 finals tonight! Local rivals (throw out the records!) all over the state except in 6-7 where unfamiliar teams from different geographic regions battle it out.

#1 Cape Notre Dame vs. #2 Cape Central (+.07)

#1 Webster Groves (+.44) vs. #2 Rockwood Summit

#1 Whitfield (+.13) vs. #2 Ladue

#1 Ft. Zumwalt East (+.61) vs. #2 Ft. Zumwalt South

#1 Glendale (+.50) vs. #2 Springfield Catholic

#1 Webb City (+.16) vs. #3 Belton

#2 Jefferson City vs. #4 Van Horn (+.24)

#1 East (KC) (+.68) vs. #6 Pembroke Hill

Class 4 All finals. Big time clash in D2 tonight. Can FZN be this year’s Cinderella? Four #3 seeds trying to make the playoffs…pre-season favorites Rockhurst and Rock Bridge have challenges tonight on the road. Third 100+ mile trip (one way) for RB this week.

#1 Lindbergh vs. #3 Vianney (+.34)

#1 DeSmet (+.59) vs. #2 CBC

#5 Ft. Zumwalt North vs. #3 St. Dominic (+.15)

#1 Rockhurst (+.40) vs. #2 Lee’s Summit

#1 Rock Bridge (+.25) vs. #3 Blue Springs

#1 Liberty North (+.08) vs. #3 Park Hill South

Note: a few days of travel may slow Blog reports...will do our best to keep you updated!

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