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Spring is here (almost...)!

by Admin on 03/09/22

We start the 2022 year with fresh hopes of a mild Spring and plenty of good soccer stories and content ahead for all.

Recently, we sent a survey out to the membership asking for thoughts and comments on several different topics affecting MO high school soccer and will be spending the next few weeks highlighting the responses. Several of the topics are quite detailed (as in...many people have many strong feelings), so we will try to break the material down into manageable sections for the readers out there.

Today, an intro into the demographics that responded. As of now we have over 250 members in our association and will likely push past 300 this year once the girls season gets into full swing. Our survey closed Feb. 28 and we had nearly 60% of the membership complete it. Some numbers, for perspective, so that when we discuss the topics, we can see that for the most part we had a representative number of different locations, school sizes, experience, etc.

**The intent of the survey was for an open discussion on topics. Coaches were allowed to submit anonymously or leave an email/name to their responses (56/145 (39%) signed a name/email). What we have found is that each geographic region, class size, school setting, etc. pose different issues/benefits and trying to find what's "best" for all is an extremely difficult task in a state with so many factors involved. This is often the task that MSHSAA is facing when trying to decide the best path for soccer, as well as other activities offered.**

145 surveys received
129 from head coaches (89%)
85 Coach both Boys and Girls (59%)
32 Boys only (22%)
26 Girls only (18%)
123 work within the school district (85%)
115 Public School coaches (79%)**
29 Private School coaches (20%)**
**This is fairly close to the number of public vs. private schools playing soccer)

 Based on 2021 Classifications:
47 Class 4 (32%)
38 Class 3 (26%)
21 Class 2 (21%)
14 Class 1 (10%)
14 Multi-class - boys/girls in different classes (10%)

55 in STL (38%)
33 in KC (23%)
21 in SW (15%)
20 in Central (14%)
7 in SE (5%)
4 in NW (3%)
*Another handful who identified as rural/other areas

Coming up...some "hot" topics and the memberships thoughts...Overtimes, Classification System, season length, uniform rules, media, updating the website and much more!

NOTE: Comments are always welcome. Apologies for any that were missed/overlooked last fall as there is a setting that doesn't allow for immediate posting without approval, something we weren't aware of for most of last fall's blog posts.

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